The Tricastle Work Force

Japanese work ethics, technology, skills work with extreme safety measures and aim for the highest performance in producing the best quality of work results.

Tricastle International, Inc.

Educates workers to uphold responsibility towards building livelihood for each family, neighbourhood , and community.

Workers are educated to have a deep sense of responsibility of not only being a worker but a partner in building economy and friendship.

The only recruitment corporation that specialises in construction works for having a true construction company partner, NJ Builders Construction Company.

Local Government

  • 1

    Educate to promote skills to boost employment
  • 2

    Acquire Technology to share and hand over to the next generation
  • 3

    Workers are responsible in developing the local economy by creating livelihood.

Aimed to be the Best, Trained by the Best. Not just a work force but a Family Corporate Partner!

Japanese quality of work ethics combined with Filipino warmth and wit.

– The ultimate combination in construction work force –